Thursday, December 3, 2015


After Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa successfully scaled the Greatest Mountain in the world it became the ultimate challenge for thousands of trekkers to conquer the Everest itself but for people who are not mountaineers and cannot imagine climbing the tallest figure on earth, Everest base camp trek would be the fantastic and equally satisfying climbing experience.

Everest Base Camp Trek allows people to take in the absolutely breathtaking view of mountain panoramas. Trekkers and climber or people who simply love walking, this journey could be one of the most inspiring and fulfilling trip. The region itself is so beautiful that it inspires people for new things. Hundreds of excellent companies allow people to have expedition to base camp region and most of them have same protocol of hotels and camping. Any company is good as long as they have good track record of their work.

Everest region is home to the native of Himalayas “The Sherpa” who are brave and courageous. Living in already such high altitude they are some of the greatest guides of Everest region and have interesting history, culture and traditions. After learning more about Sherpa, travellers can widen their trip into exploring the shrines, bazars and hundreds of years old temples and monasteries along with local cuisine. The journey to Everest region is physically and mentally exhausting as the trek begins after the landing of plane in Lukla region leading to Namche bazar. The trip to Namche is an upward ascent and requires lot of physical strength.

Namche would be the main market and the place to stay before starting the further trek. Everest region in right season is a house to blossoming rhododendron which is extremely beautiful and captivating. The trip further from Namche bazar is to the base camp and the view from Kala Pathhar is the best one which allows the view of wide range of some of the tallest mountains of the world including the Everest itself in full glory. The Everest base camp trek is a difficult one but it is refreshing, enthralling and fulfilling one.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Consisting of many mountains together Annapurna base camp trek is a journey which allows trekkers and mountaineers to have exceptional view of many mountains together. Annapurna I, Hiunchuli, Annapurna II, Gangapurna, Annapurna III, Machhapuchhre, Annapurna IV etc. are some of the mountains in Annapurna region. Mountains in Annapurna region are not the tallest because they rise in the heart of Himalayas.

Annapurna region is extremely beautiful and packed with natural beauty. It starts with travelling to Pokhara by bus or plane as it is the gateway for camp. Pokhara itself is beautiful lace filled with lakes and temples. The trip starts with trekking to Nayapul then to Tikhedhunga, Ghorepani, Tadapani, Chhomrung, Deurali and finally to the base camp. The trek differs according to travelling companies but most of them prefer clock-wise treks like mentioned above. Trekking through all these places lets us explore many check points for seeing the mountain range. Among the Poon Hill being the most popular allowing the view of ten combinations of mountains.

Traditional Gurung community and cultural villages is another most attractive feature of Annapurna circuit trek. Every traveller enjoys the culture ethnicity followed by this community along with traditional “Thakali” food.  With the trial of terraced lands, dense beautiful forest of rhododendron and the Gurung community the track might seem easier but it is considered to be one of the most difficult tracks. As the slippery tracks and upward highlands makes the trip both mentally and physically exhausting. The Annapurna base camp trek is fruitful in certain seasons as seeing the mountain cluster is the main reason for such intimidating journey.

The actual trip to base camp has continuously changing tracks while some might have lowlands and some highlands. The track throughout the year is wet and slippery but it gets more dangerous during rainy season during which trip should be avoided. Annapurna range is filled with mountains while some go further by trying to ascend the mountain itself the base camp is a fulfilling itself. Annapurna base camp trek is for the travellers, trekkers and explorers who love new challenges and experiences.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Reasons For Visiting Nepal

For any traveller visiting a new place is exciting and fun and for someone visiting Nepal for the first time there might be lots of things that they might want to explore. It might get confusing at time because of the never-ending beauty that surrounds Nepal. Within such small country, everything from land topography to culture, people and flora fauna differs variedly. With so much of interesting things found in Nepal it might get confusing for first time travellers.

The tour usually starts with plane landing in capital Kathmandu which has other two towns Bhaktapur and Patan. All these three places give medieval and retro vibes and are always swarming with local as well as international tourist. Filled with hundreds of masterpiece temples and stupas, some dating back even second and fifth centuries and seven heritages are listed with UNSECO world heritage site.

Due to the topographical contrast elevation ranges from 70 meters above sea level in Jhapa to world's highest mountain, Everest 8848m above sea level. Such unique climatic variation can only be found in Nepal and it is also the reason for developing economy within country. Such varied climatic changes make Nepal home to differentiating eco-system. Thick alpine and dense forest acts as a great wildlife ranges which protect various flora and fauna. With more than 848 species of birds found, it is also known as bird watcher’s paradise. Numerous species of flora and fauna makes researcher and explorers attracted towards the wildlife found in Nepal.

With deepest gorge, clam and composed lake, harsh and distant mountains, varying culture and traditions, Nepal has lot to offer to every type of traveller. Travelling doesn't necessarily need to be extreme or planned to every detail but people travelling to Nepal are pre-planned because of the fact that most of travellers are here for mountaineering and trekking. With eight of the tallest peak of world, mountaineering, hiking, extreme sports and trekking are the most popular things of everyone’s to do list. Researching every detail has become easiest task through internet and everyone who have visited Nepal have their own story to share so travel to Nepal and discover new world within this small country.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Adventure Expedition In Nepal

After Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa conquered Everest successfully, Nepal has been a country famous for organizing adventurous expeditions every year. Among fourteen tallest peak of the world, Nepal has eight of them making it a heaven for explorers and mountaineers.

Adventures in Nepal has never been new thing; filled with amass beauty thousands of people are attracted to visit and explore Nepal. Expedition in Nepal has always been a demanding activity preferred by tourists and trekking companies provides best services available to people. As time went by more people have known and understood the beauty that surrounds Nepal from every kind of adventurous activities to simple temples. While trekking is immensely popular among people visiting Nepal lots of other things are equally entertaining as well.

Adventure expedition in Nepal has always been a top priority for government of Nepal as well as travelling companies. With mountaineering, trekking and hiking expedition everything has to be well looked-after before beginning the journey. While some people are already known to such expeditions journey becomes easier and simpler to them but for people who are first-time traveller lots of facilities are there to improve their expedition experience. Expeditions to some of the tallest mountains of the world can be life-threatening and going without being prepared means falling into the death trap.

Regular travellers are already known about the procedures and have expertise on what they are doing making their journey much easier and simpler whereas for first-timer proper ideas and ropes must be shown before engaging in expeditions. For most of the people expeditions might include mountaineering as major part and it is so but expeditions might include lots of other activities. Expeditions are done in groups and as it brings people close to each other, the journey itself becomes adventurous and thrill-filled.

Any kind of travelling experience should be able to fulfill the objective that people are searching for whether it is adventure of tranquillity. Understanding the purpose makes travelling process simpler and Nepal is the place where people can get what they want with their travelling trip.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Peak Climbing In Nepal

Peak climb in Nepal has been the focus for thousands of tourists who visit Nepal. Among various experience that Nepal offers, peak of Nepal are definitely an outstanding achievements in the world of peak climbing expeditions. The eight highest peak of the world with height above 8000 meters, thousands of people’s physical and mental capacity has been challenged by these peaks.

Total of 1310 peaks above 6000 meter has been identified in Nepal till now and only one quarter of them are officially opened for mountaineering and trekking activities. Peaks which are not listed with Nepal mountaineering association which is an official mountaineering association in Nepal cannot be climbed or trekked. But many peaks which are below 6500m are approved by the association for climbers and there are almost 20 peaks that lie below this height.

Nepal doesn't only offer these peak climbing but various other sports and recreational activities which has made it famous as a place as tourist destination. Travelling through any place has particular purpose for everyone and Nepal is the place for every type of traveller from the first timer to extreme travellers. The beauty, culture and hospitality that surround Nepal will never disappoint any tourist. Peak climbing is a hobby and passion for many people and with number of peaks opened for climbers, Nepal could be ultimate destination for many of them.

Among many peak climbing, Annapurna circuit is one of the most popular one for thousands of tourists which is the main reason for hundreds of expeditions that are arranged in this region annually. Mera peak(6476m), Lobuche(6119m), Manaslu(8176), Yala peak(5520m), Makalu(8484m), Lhotse(8516m) are some the most popular peaks preferred by tourist. A person without strong mental strength can never conquer these high peaks and physical strength is a must. No peak climb should be taken playfully and help from a trusty touring company is most as these places are filled with remoteness and wilderness.

Whatever be the travelling reason for people, Nepal could help in fulfilling every kind of travelling experience that people search for. Peak climbing is only a part of one the experiences that people can have while visiting Nepal.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Nepal And Its Mountains

With more than 1500 peaks which are above the height of 5000 meters in altitude Nepal is blessed with finest beauty in the world. With so many peaks available, peak climb in Nepal is for everyone who wishes to climb mountains but are in short time. Nepal is well-known to the world as country of natural beauty and generous hospitality.

As many climbers and mountaineers dreams of conquering mountains around the world, Nepal is a dream country for these people. Nepal is the only country in the world where eight mountains out of fourteen above the height of 6000 meters lies. Expeditions, mountaineering, adventure sports; trekking, high altitude filming every type of adventure is possible in Nepal. Any kind of adventurous journey requires high mental and physical strength and in case of mountain and peak climbing having previous experience makes process easier.

Peak climbing is mostly done by climbers and varied land structure of Nepal makes it a perfect place. Thousands of tourists visit Nepal in search of perfect holiday and most of them leave satisfied. Filled with such beautiful mountains and peaks, every year hundreds of expeditions are organized by touring companies. Even people who do not have any experience on climbing or trekking are provided with instructions and guided by tour guides during such journeys.

Filled with astounding beauty Nepal makes the perfect holiday destination. It is a place for everyone as every type of activities for every type of person is found here. The large number of Himalayan Peaks on the vicinity of highest mountain of the world has always been a great attraction to the mountain climbers. People all around the world visit Nepal to complete the challenge of conquering different mountains but peak climbing are equally famous as well. Mustang, Manang, Namche and other many regions have some of the best peaks which provide exceptional view of the Nepal’s remotest region.

Travelling is a passion and dedication for many people and holiday for some but whatever the reason might be Nepal is an excellent destination for every type of people. Travelling through Nepal would be one of the best adventures of traveller’s life.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Experiencing Nepal Through Travelling

Countries which are surrounded by natural beauty and enriched culture are some of the most visited countries by people all around the world. While some people like visiting place with sea or oceans some simply like places with mountains, terrains and frizzy rivers. It all depends upon individual perspective and how people want to spend their “me time”.

Nepal is a country which is filled with wild vegetation, beautiful terrains, spacious snow-clad mountains, historical temples and speeding rivers. People from different corners of the world visit Nepal looking for things which satisfy their thirst for travelling and exploring. Tourists, explorers and mountaineers visit to learn, explore and conquer mountains respectively. Many students and families come in bundle or groups hoping to get new experience and learn different things.

Travelling through a foreign country could sometimes be a hassle and difficult experience to non-travellers or even travellers as well. People have no knowledge about language and tradition and they might even have culture shock. Tourists mostly tour around places exploring new things and it is essential to have good tour companies or guides looking after them. Not only will things make things easier but comfortable as well.

Many companies work to provide best experience of travelling and exploring through Nepal. Hundreds of tour operators in Nepal engage themselves to provide travellers with best experience of travelling. Tour operators provide people with all the necessary information on their destinations, makes them comfortable to native environment and make all the adjustment. It is crucial step to select good touring companies, operators and agents while travelling through any country including Nepal because it determines whether the touring experience will be easier or not. The decision to travel through any country should be taken carefully and collecting information on one’s particular destination will make travelling experience more fruitful and fun.

Travellers from all genres of life have visited Nepal, some looking for solace while some looking to experience new culture and tradition. Choosing proper company and operators based on the reasons of travelling makes people journey much simpler. Travelling is learning experience which should be embraced wholly.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Journey Through Nepal

Whether it is big or small, travelling is a journey which leaves us with wanting more and more. Some people completely dedicate their lives to travel, to explore and learn new experiences; some people make living through travelling while some people dread such experience. Travelling is never the same for people and each individual has their own version of their experience to particular place.

Travelling should be taken as an opportunity to learn and explore as much as possible because these memories are the only things that remains with people. The trend of travelling has increased tremendously over the past decade. People have taken travelling and exploring as their way of reducing their stress and a way of getting out from hectic schedule. Most of people travel through countries which are filled with nature beauty and exciting adventure and often developing are in this category.

Nepal is one of these developing countries which attracts tourist in thousands every year. People are taken by its enticing beauty and welcoming hospitality. Only beauty is not enough to attract people but the actual manners and hospitality is what makes a country more welcoming. From simple trekking to dangerous bungee-jumping, almost every activity is available in Nepal. The purpose of visiting Nepal differs according to people. While some are simply looking to spend quite time in secluded environment away from busy lives, some look for activities which takes them out from their comfort zone.

Trekking, mountaineering, paragliding, rafting, bungees are some of the dangerous activities which can sometimes be life threatening so, people who visit any place including Nepal should have proper information and connections with  travelling companies. Many travel companies in Nepal provide people with safest options. These companies continuously work to make people travelling experience in Nepal safe and secure. Some of the companies being decades old are best in business but new companies does efficient work as well.

Travelling is an opportunity which should always be given shot at as it only remains until people are young and active. We must take as much advantage as possible and try to make most of it.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Nepal And Its Developing Tourism

Travelling could be defined as the process of going through certain place to explore person’s particular curiosity or to learn new culture or tradition. Even though travelling is defined differently by every single person, it is a universal fact that travelling opens people minds to new things and educates us.

For instance, a student who limits their education only to their books will never know other things rather than the books but the one who explores and travels will always have more knowledge than the book readers. Travelling broadens our minds by teaching us new things and making us go through new experiences. Every nook and corner of this world can be travelled but it is essential that people learn beforehand what kind of things they will be seeing in their destination.

Travelling through developing countries is always a major decision for the people living in developed regions as many of the facilities that they receive in their countries might not be available but then again, most of the people do travel to break their monotonous routine of their life. Nepal is one of the developing countries which is filled with serene and exotic beauties from glorious mountains to sparkly white rivers.

Thousands of tourists pour into Nepal to experience different activities. Some are in search of thrill while some simply to enjoy the serene environment away from the busy city. Nepal has drastically improved in the field of tourism over the past few years. Some of the companies and organizations could be considered as the best outfitters in Nepal because of their excellent facilities and equipment. One has to be careful while selecting companies so, that they get most benefits from their money.

Planning a trip is very easy and it becomes more fun if the traveller has a little more details and knowledge about their destination but if they are in relation with good company they don’t have to worry about these things as they provide all the information and ideas. Having a little courage and query could open up people’s mind to various new and beautiful things through travelling.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Unique Cultures In Nepal

Prior to being declared a secular state in 2006, Nepal was officially a Hindu state. Today, around 80% of Nepalese follow Hindu religion and the culture of the country is greatly influenced by it. Besides Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and Christianity are the most favored religions. This variation in religion can be seen in cultures all over the country.

Nepal is a land-locked country with two of the largest country in the world on its either sides; India and China. Because of the proximity, some of the cultures and the traditions of Nepal have been found to be influenced by those countries. Some cultures have also been found to be altered by physical factors such as elevation and remoteness.

Nepal’s culture has been deemed one of the most unique in the world. What makes the traditions even more special is the fact that two of the widely followed religions; Hinduism and Buddhism are sometimes practiced by the same group of people. This resulted in the merging of some of the old traditions and created a whole new set of practices equally rich and rousing.

Festivals are another inevitable part of Nepali culture. Because of the diversity in the religion, at least one festival is celebrated each month. Each religion has its own set of festivals that are celebrated in a jovial and sometimes ostentatious manner. Some festivals see an eager participation of people from different ethnic groups and religions like Dashain or Lhosar. Most of the festivals of Hindu and Buddhist religions require priests and an elaborate prayer made to god with offerings. While the Buddhism preaches non-violence, Hindu offerings are usually made with animals.

Because of the amiable nature of Nepalese, foreign nationals are always invited to participate or to be onlookers in most of the celebrations. You may receive a cultural shock at first but it wears off after you are acquainted with the friendly people from the Himalayas. Tourism in Nepal doesn't have to be about you observing from a distance; you are welcome to join the festivities as our guests.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Some Festivals In Nepal

Nepal is the perfect agglomerate of tribal, ethnic and social groups. This collection of many ethnic groups and religions resulted in diverse and rich cultures with unique traditions of their own. Nepal is a place where people of different religion exist peacefully and in perfect harmony with each other.  Different places of Nepal see the celebration of different festivals.

There are many festivals strange and entertaining at the same time. Take Gai Jatra for instance, it is a festival native to Kathmandu and is celebrated on the memory of the dead. Thousands of people walk the streets of Kathmandu valley to commemorate the deaths in their families. People don masks and participate in the traditional dancing.

Then there are other festivals like Indra jatra. Kumari, also known as the living goddess is worshipped as the manifestation of a female goddess in many places of Nepal. Kumari jatra falls under the celebrations of the Indra jatra where devotees pull the chariot of the Kumari in the procession. Rare dances like Lakhe, Pulu-kishi, and Sava-bhaku are also performed by the locals in this occasion.

The festival of lights or Tihar is another festival which is considered the most exciting of all festivals. Hindus all over Nepal decorate their houses with lights and flowers to worship the goddess of wealth, Laxmi. The festival goes on for five days where people worship animals and the festival ends with Bhai tika, a festival for brothers.

There are many other festivals around the country that are interesting. The festivals like Dashain; which is celebrated for 10 days, Holi; the festival of colors and Janmastami; celebrated for the birth of lord Krishna are absolutely entertaining too. After the initial inconvenience due to culture shock, you’ll find these festivals welcoming and fun. Your participation will be appreciated despite the nature of your religion. One can always see the participation of a number of tourists in the festivals of Nepal and tourism in Nepal is thriving because of this.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Pokhara- An Inspiration To Many Tourists

Pokhara’s beauty has been an inspiration to many artists. Situated as a backdrop to this serene valley is the resplendent Annapurna range and the tranquil lakes situated in this city make this place perfect for a holiday. Because of its alluring beauty and an active nightlife, Pokhara is the ultimate hotspot for tourism in Nepal.

Some of the most popular tourist destinations in Pokhara include the majestic Phewa Lake, the Taal Barahi temple situated in the middle of the lake, Devi’s fall, and the house of Bats; Mahendra cave and the Old Bazaar. The world peace pagoda lies on the top of a hill overlooking the city and provides a bird’s eye view of this panoramic Valley.

Pokhara also houses a lot of adventure sports; paragliding being the most popular of them all. Apart from that, one can choose from a number of such sports like rafting, hiking, ultra-light aircraft rides etc. Since it is the gateway to the celebrated Annapurna circuit trek, one can unwind here before or after the trek. There are shorter trails around this valley if you have limited time.

Mountain climbing is also growing as a sport in Pokhara. Mount Annapurna at 8,091 meters and Mount Dhaulagiri at 8,167 meters are the most coveted mountains by adventurers. Adventurous and equally dangerous, these mountains invite a lot of tourists every year.  And if you are in Nepal Just for sight-seeing, you can visit the surrounding hills of Pokhara valley.

What makes a person’s stay in Pokhara memorable is its night life. From pubs dedicated to Rock n’ roll to the cultural programs held by the friendly locals; the Lakeside part of the city comes alive at night. With a lot of world-class restaurants and cafes to choose from, you will have the time of your lives in Pokhara.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Experienced Guide Will Increase Your Value For Money

You always need a guide when you visit new places. Not only to overcome the cultural shock or language barrier but also to enjoy the new experiences. Because there is no fun in getting lost every day and being unable to communicate with the locals, you need to choose your travel agents wisely.

Established trekking outfitters in Nepal work as your guides for explorations and expeditions. Because of its geographical make-up, Nepal is a perfect place for adventures and we make sure that the adventures you have are well planned and safe. They also assist actively in the preservation of world heritage sites.

To the safety of our clients above everything is a good quality of a tour operator. Whether it is simple sightseeing or expedition to Everest base camp, they need to make sure that their clients are safe. The guides should be provided with wilderness first aid training upon recruitment and trained to handle any issues or clashes that may arise during your stay in Nepal.

Most of us work really hard to earn a vacation and we are intent upon getting a good value for money. Rest assured, you can be confident that there will be no overhead or hidden expenses. Good travel agents provide you with world class equipment and services at a fairly low price.

The employees should also be treated well regardless of their position in the company. Having a staff of highly trained and experienced persons and making sure that they are well paid is a good quality of a travel agent. This behaviour reflects on them as well; the employees are extremely well behaved and are capable of leading you through extreme geographical conditions.

The only thing that can amplify your adventure in a country like Nepal is experiencing the culture. Nepal’s culture is diverse and we will make sure that you experience it before you leave for your home country.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Trekking Trails Are Strenuous And Require Your Constant Effort

Trekking in the Himalayas is not simply strolling through the wilderness leisurely. Eight out of ten tallest peaks are situated in Nepal which makes Nepal a heaven for mountaineers. There are marked trails all over the Himalayas of Nepal which form one of the longest trekking trails in the world.  These trails lead straight into the heart of mountains and remote settlements of various tribes and ethnic groups. They take you to attractive places people would pay a fortune to get to.

Most of the trekking trails are strenuous and require your constant effort. Prior trainings or experiences are required in some high altitude trekking routes like the trek to Everest base camp. However, there are trekking routes with lower altitudes for beginners that are equally enticing.

The villages placed in regular intervals in your trekking trails are completely equipped for tourists. From Himalayan tea houses to lodges, you’ll find everything you need to unwind before you continue your journey. The cultures and traditions of the people of the Himalayas are inspired from Tibet and are one of the most unique cultures in the world.

For people who think trekking in Nepal is risky, there are plenty of hills in Nepal to choose from. Almost all of these hills provide you with a vantage point to the abiding beauty of Nepal. The remote villages made up of mud houses with thatched roofs are a sight to see. So are the hills and the unyielding wilderness of the surrounding mountains.

Nepal is also a great place for shopping; because everything here is cheap and affordable. You can choose from a vast array of handcrafted goods and take it back to your family or friends as souvenirs. The sights you see while you are trekking uphill to the phenomenal mountains of Nepal are the sights you’ll never forget in your life.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Tourism In Nepal

The mountainous country of Nepal with its difficult topography may have made life harder for its inhabitants but the adventurous tourists surely aren’t complaining. There are a lot of hotspots for tourists, in and out of the country’s capital and most of them boast a unique cultural and educational experience.

One of these tourist hotspots is Thamel. The narrow streets of Thamel have been catering to tourists for over four decades. Previously criticized for the “hippie” crowd it attracted, Thamel has grown into a fully-fledged tourist destination today. It offers a vast collection of handicraft stores and extraordinary cuisine. This place is also pre-base camp for mountaineers because there are stores selling merchandise required for trekking and mountain expeditions.

The lake side area of Pokhara is also one of the popular hotspot for tourism in Nepal. This place draws in domestic as well as international tourists with its exceptional beauty. The Annapurna range is situated as a backdrop to this small city and it has major attractions like Fewa Lake and Mahendra cave. You can also climb the viewpoints and watch the city from its surrounding hills.  Many popular trekking trails like the Ghandruk trail or the Annapurna circuit trail originate from pokhara and hence the city also houses some of Nepal’s best outfitters. Because of the availability of good hotels in abundance, Pokhara is a good place to recuperate after the completion of your travels.

Tourism industry has been considered as one of the leading industries in Nepal. Despite the revenues it generates, spending a holiday in Nepal is much cheaper than other countries, yet rewarding. Most of the Hotels and lodges are cheap by tourist standards because they are mostly owned by locals. Similarly, the experience of cultures and traditions when you are in Nepal is an added bonus because they vary from place to place and are welcoming.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Religious Places In Nepal

Nepal is the perfect amalgamation of religions and cultures. The country practices religious tolerance and people of varying religions have been known to exist amicably. Due to the diversity in religion and culture, there are momentous shrines all over the country where thousands of devotees celebrate major festivals every year. These are another attraction for tourists, apart from adventure sports or trekking in Nepal.

As majority of Nepal’s population follows Hinduism, Hindu shrines or Temples can be found in almost every corner. Pashupatinath is a Hindu temple dedicated to lord Shiva and situated at the capital of the country. Every year, thousands of pilgrims from Nepal and India descend on the Kathmandu valley to celebrate Shivaratri, an important festival of the religion.

The Swyambhunath stupa is a shrine for Hindus and Buddhists of the country. Located atop a hill, it overlooks the Kathmandu valley and gives us a view of the surrounding hills. Its immense dome and the golden spiral can be seen from all sides of the valley too. The stupa is surrounded by chaityas and temples and is a blazing example of harmonious religious existence in Nepal. This mountainous structure is also called the monkey temple because of the abundance of the monkeys in this region. The stupa looks divine at night when oil lamps are burned by Buddhist monks.

Lumbini is another place of significant importance in Nepal listed in the world heritage sites. Known worldwide as the place of birth of Lord Buddha, Lumbini receives thousands of Buddhist pilgrims from all over the world. One of the most famous sites in Lumbini is the Mayadevi temple; also known as the birthplace of Buddha. The resplendent Myanmar golden temple and world peace pagoda are other attractions in this city.

Visiting such places can broaden your tolerance and help you understand other cultures better. Besides, Nepali culture states it important to respect and welcome tourists and make them feel at home.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Kathmandu Valley- A Place To Visit

Situated amid the green hills, Kathmandu valley is fabled to have been originated from a lake. When the Buddhist saint Manjushree created the valley by draining the lake and made it habitable. Today, Kathmandu is evolving as the biggest city in the country.

Whether it is the narrow streets of Thamel or the Giant statues of Buddha in Swyambhunath, you will find every place in Kathmandu alluring. There are a lot of sights to see in Kathmandu and all of them are worth your time.

From temples to coffee houses, Kathmandu valley houses the best. The durbar squares or the courtyards of ancient palaces are sights to feast your eyes on. The Patan durbar square lights look absolutely stunning in the night and the place is a celebrated landmark for domestic as well as international tourists.

If you are not the one for museums and landmarks, there are plenty of hiking trails around the hills of the valley. Places like Nagarkot, Chisapani, Kakani, Champadevi, Phulchoki and Bhaktapur have hiking trails that are relatively easy and you can treat your eyes to the panoramic hills around the valley.

The night life is another attraction of Kathmandu city. From live music to cultural offerings, this city has it all! If you want a night out after all the exhaustion of the travel, you can choose from a large number of restaurants and pubs.

Apart from the extraordinary sights and the sounds, Kathmandu is a great place to shop.  You can find a lot of shops that specialize in handicrafts. Places like Thamel and Bhaktapur are haven for art collectors because one can find an array of art collections.  You can buy anything from decorative pieces to Pashmina sweaters.

You have heard songs about Kathmandu and read books on it. Visit Nepal and experience your own Kathmandu; it won’t disappoint you. If you are travelling to this country only for trekking, most of the travel agents in Nepal can arrange the visits before or after you go for your adventure in the Himalayas.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Mountain Flights In Nepal

The mountains of Nepal attract a large number of international tourists. But not everyone is fit for these expeditions because most of the trekking routes in Nepal are strenuous and they require a lot of determination and effort. While a lot of people can get turned down by the outfitters in Nepal due to their age, health or lack of prior experience, they don’t have to miss the mountains that allure them.

The mountain flight of Nepal is a popular tourist activity in Nepal. As its name suggests, one can see the enticing mountain range of Nepal on an hour long plane ride. Several domestic airlines offer this service in the morning and the customers are not charged exorbitantly.

Beginning at Tribhuwan International airport, this ride gives you a bird’s eye view of the mountain range on Nepal. Some of the mountains that you’ll see in this ride are Dorje Lhakpa, Phurbi Chyachu, Choba Bhamare, Gaurishanker, Melungtse, Chugimago, Numbur, Karyolung, Cho-Oyu, Gyachungkang, Pumori, Nuptse  and the tallest of all mountains; Mount Everest.

The planes involved in this ride are fairly small and you can opt to go with or without your guides. This is because the airlines provide a member of the cabin crew to provide you with the information in the mountains. Some airlines even publish mountain books and travel guides that are useful in increasing your understanding of mountains.

The mountain flights have been extolled widely by both domestic and international tourists. The advantage of this flight is that you can view the mountains even if your health doesn’t permit you to climb them. Similarly, it takes only an hour for this adventure and you can arrange this activity in between your sightseeing schedules. You can also take such flight from Pokhara to get a closer view of the Annapurna Range.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Kathmandu-A Medieval City On The Brink Of Complete Urbanization

Kathmandu is a medieval city on the brink of complete urbanization. The three cities of Kathmandu valley were once ruled by three different kings. Their palaces stand in the Kathmandu valley to this day, deemed world heritage sites by the UNESCO. Tourists are advised to visit these places even if they are only planning for trekking in Nepal. The period of their regime has also been considered as the golden period for the evolution of art and architecture.

The durbar (palace) squares of the three ancient kingdoms are situated in the center of all three cities; Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur. With the craftsmanship and the intricate woodwork, the temples and other medieval buildings are really attractive.

Ancient cities of Kathmandu comprised of rectangular brick houses and brick-paved roads that ran along and between the houses. The houses had porches with a row of carved wooden pillars and courtyards in between them.  The courtyards of the kings had columns with the statues of the kings facing the palaces and the palaces had a lot of temples surrounding them.

The major attraction in durbar square of Bhaktapur is Nyatapola; the five-storey temple built by King Bhupatindra Malla in pagoda style. Then there is the Krishna Temple in Patan durbar square which is believed to have been carved with a single stone. Built in the Indian Shikharini style of architecture, the temple looks auspicious with its detailed stone carvings of gods.

Apart from that, the collection of artifacts from King Tribhuwan’s life in Hanuman Dhoka museum at Basantapur gives us an insight on the Shah regime.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Home Stay In Nepal

Most of the tourists visit Nepal with the sole purpose of going to the Everest base camp or trekking around the Himalayas. Popular landmarks and adventure sports also invite a majority of the tourists. But there is an activity that most people are unaware of.

About 80% of Nepalese live in rural settlements and it is an interesting lifestyle for those who don’t live here. Every place offers a unique experience in cultures and traditions. A facility for tourists known as the home stay facility has been introduced all over rural Nepal in order to encourage them to learn about Nepal’s culture.

The Home stay facility is a wonderful way of promoting the friendship between tourists and locals. The tourists also get an insight in the life of rural Nepal as they experience it first hand. This is also a great way of letting the world know about rich customs and traditions of the country. Home stay is also a form of Eco-tourism since locals are profited from this experience.

The tourists stay in villages of Nepal with its inhabitants. They are offered every service that the villagers can provide in exchange for a small amount of money. They live inside the houses and eat with the families they are staying with; some even go to work in the fields like the villagers. There are even separate residences for tourists that resemble guest houses in some villages like Paltekhet.

The home-stay program is a great for tourists to have an adventure with unique cultures. Nepal’s custom is to treat guests like one would treat god. Despite the difference in cultural or ethnic background, that principle is followed by everyone.  The home owners go through an elaborate screening process so you can be confident that you will be placed with good and amiable families. You can experience new cultures with various ethnic groups as they celebrate their festivals with you.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Muktinath - The Sacred Hindu Pilgrimage For Liberation

Situated at the foot of the Thorung la Mountain pass at an altitude of 3,710 meters, Muktinath is one of the most sacred of Hindu pilgrimages. Its name refers to “liberation” and it is widely believed that visiting this temple redeems a person from their sins. There are 108 water taps in this temple and they are considered to be holy. Devotees can be found taking baths in these taps despite the freezing temperature.

The river flowing from Muktinath to the Kali Gandaki River is the source for the Shaligramas; black ammonoid fossils considered holy and are required to establish a temple for the creator of Hindu belief, Vishnu. Because of the religious importance, this temple receives a lot of domestic as well as international tourists every year.

The trek to Muktinath is found to be fairly easy by most of the trekkers as opposed to other difficult routes of the Himalayas. Because of the low altitude, it is almost impossible to experience altitude sickness and hence it can provide you with a good adventure of trekking in Nepal. This trek provides you some of the most spectacular views on the planet in their untainted form. Annapurna, Dhaulagiri and Macchapuchre mountains peek at the trekkers all along the route. You can see villages inhabited by ethnic groups in regular intervals. Trekkers will be subjected to a trail that goes from low land forests to the dreary wastelands of upper Kali Gandaki.

It is astonishing to many tourists that people still live in such remote areas only approachable by foot. On the route, trekkers will meet many locals hauling food, water or other necessities back to their small villages. The people, however, are exceptionally well-mannered and treat the people passing by with respect. The tea houses and lodges placed in villages are a good place to rest and get accustomed to the culture of the Himalayas. The walk downhill is arduous but once you reach Muktinath, you will find yourself in a tranquil state.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Popular And Adventurous Gokyo Trail

The Himalayas of Nepal make a perfect travel destination for avid trekkers. With eight of the ten highest peaks on the world, Nepal boasts a lot of trekking trails interconnected to form one of the longest trekking trails that results in a dramatic route of trekking in Nepal. One of such adventurous trails is the popular Gokyo trail. Located at an elevation of 4,750 meters, the Gokyo village is one of the highest settlements in the world.

Gokyo is a tranquil valley situated against a backdrop of snowy mountains standing regally. The oligotrophic lakes of this region are world’s highest freshwater lake system consisting of six lakes. The serenity of these lakes is amplified by their altitude and the background of the resplendent mountains.

Although Kalapatthar is not a mountain, it is a popular landmark in the Himalayas because of the vantage point it provides. Because of the structure of Mount Everest, it cannot be seen directly from the base camp. The view of the highest mountain is only accessible from Kalapatthar. This point also provides unobstructed views of Lhotse, nuptse nup II and changste.

The trek to Gokyo and Kalapatthar has an alternate route to Everest Base camp. This route will lead you through the Sherpa villages of Khumjung and Namche bazaar. Located at above 3,000 meters, both of these villages are popular for altitude acclimatization. Because Buddhism is practiced in Sagarmatha zone of Nepal, you can see an abundance of Buddhist monasteries and chortens.

As remote as these places my sound, these villages are perfectly equipped for incoming tourists. Facilities like lodges and internet are available and one can even find cheap Chinese or Tibetan goods for sale. The people who stay in the lap of the Himalayas are hardworking and amiable. The experience you’ll gather from spending your time with these culturally rich people will be something you remember your whole lives.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Conquering Everest Is The Dream Of Many Mountaineers And Alpinists

Standing regally at 8848 meters (29,028 foot), Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world. Because of a demanding ascent, it is the dream of many mountaineers and alpinists to conquer the astounding height of the Everest and stand at the top of the world. Hundreds have already had the glory since the way was paved for them by Sir Edmund Percival Hillary from New Zealand and Tenzing Norgay, a sherpa from Nepal, on 29 May 1953.

As invigorating as it may sound, the journey to the top of the world is arduous and requires all of your energy. You will meet many obstacles on your way to the top that endanger your safety and there are factors like blizzards, shifting snow, falling rocks etc. to be taken into account and the unstable weather does nothing to help. Low oxygen level may cause high altitude cerebral edema and high altitude pulmonary edema and there is always high probability that you might get frostbite and hypothermia.

Because of these obstacles, it is imminent to choose an established outfitter with a perfect record of the ascent. The guides need to be experienced and capable to guide you to 8848 meters and back without failing to cater to your needs. Because of your unfamiliarity with the country, there might be permits and other expenses you might be unaware of.

The experienced and rigorously trained groups of guides are more than willing to guide you safely through the adventure of your lifetime. From your daily itinerary to the weather updates, everything important will be taken care of. Some of the deaths in the region have been caused due to the negligence of the guides and travel agents do everything they can to stop it from happening. Trekking in Nepal will be one of the best experiences of your life.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Eco-Tourism Needs A Joint Effort Of Both Locals And Tourists

Nepal has grown to be extra attentive in the conservation of natural heritages after Mount Everest was dubbed as “the world’s highest garbage dump”. Because of the low temperature, the garbage accumulated from six decades of ascent doesn’t degrade biologically and stays as it is. This obnoxious collection of refuse is comprised of empty oxygen cylinders, broken tents, food containers and even the body of the mountaineers who died during expeditions.

The government of Nepal has now made it mandatory for mountaineers in the Everest to return with all of their garbage. As small as this step may seem, it was enough to attract the attention of the concerned parties to reduce the amount of trash collected in the serene Himalayas. This has also paved a way towards a new kind of tourism called eco-tourism.

As a country where a majority of its population is involved in tourism industry, Nepal tourism board can’t afford to be reckless about its natural heritages. Such tourist attractions invite a lot of tourists and proper conservation of such places is a must. Eco-tourism has been found to help raise awareness and minimize the impact in such situations. Similarly, another important purpose of eco-tourism is to create respect and awareness for culture.

Several foreigners have also been known to work with some conservation organizations in remote villages of Nepal. If your intent is only to travel, you can take measures such as disposing of your wastes properly and reducing fuel and energy consumption in the areas where it is scarce.

Eco-tourism sometimes needs joint efforts of both locals and tourists to prosper. While the tourists can spend their money on local transport, service and goods, the locals can treat the tourists with respect and encourage the conservation of the tourist attractions. Eco-tourism has proved to be beneficial in some countries of the world and we hope that our efforts pay off soon.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Mustang-The Mysterious And Forbidden Kingdom

The mysterious and forbidden kingdom of Mustang allures many visitors all over the world. Because of the unique culture and topographic features, Mustang has been known as a place where travelers find their Shangri-la. The place gained its notorious title because it was forbidden to travelers until the early 1990’s. Only a few travelers are fortunate enough to get acquainted with the utopian landscape today because of the restriction to enter.

Mustang lies between Tibet and Nepal and it has been known to acquire its prosperity by dominating the salt trade from Tibet to Nepal. Because of the Tibetan influence, monasteries resembling those in Tibet and white-painted village houses are the main attraction of this place.  Stupas or chortens which are a symbol of Buddhism can be found in every village around mustang.  The beauty of this place is amplified by the amalgamated cliffs with varying shades of red, yellow, brown and blue set up against a backdrop of snow-capped peaks.

The trek takes you to the capital of the ancient kingdom of Lo; Lo Manthang. This medieval city comprises of earthen structures of palaces and monasteries and is inhabited by a very few people. The oldest and the most spiritual form of Tibetan Buddhism; Bonpo is still practiced in this region. The UNESCO has described this settlement as unique and having no comparison.

There are other beautiful villages on the way to mustang. The trek is fairly easy for hill climbers, compared to other trails like the Annapurna circuit. Mustang, situated at above 3,000 meters allows for easy acclimatization if approached at a steady pace. If you want to be one of the lucky few to get the opportunity to visit this astonishing and enigmatic kingdom of Lo, find a good trekking agent in Nepal today and feel the experience.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Everest Base Camp Trek

If you are an avid trekker and you are thrilled at the prospect of a good adventure, Everest Base camp is the right place for you. Only the most courageous of us can take on the base camp of the Highest Mountain of the world. Also deemed as a Mountaineer’s holy grail, the Mount Everest rests at an astonishing 8848 meters and conquering it is an adventure very few embark upon.

The idea of reaching the base camp of the highest mountain is absolutely alluring but there are a lot of other attractions on the way too. Experience the Sherpa hospitality and culture while you trek through beautiful villages like Phakdim and Thami. You can also visit the beautiful mountain town Namche Bazaar and get acquainted with the helpful locals.

Another attraction that this trail holds for you is the monasteries. The monastery of Thami village and the tengboche monastery are the most visited by trekkers. It is believed that praying in these Buddhist monasteries help you endure the difficult path you have yet to accomplish. This trail also gives you a glimpse of the infamous khumbu pass. For those who are not aware of it, Khumbu ice fall is a large mass of ice fall constantly shifting its way.

Trekking in Nepal to Everest base camp is one of the most adventurous treks in the whole world. From exploring the mountains of Nepal to getting acclimated with the altitude, the journey is arduous and demands every ounce of energy you possess. But the realm of the nature that unfolds itself in front of your eyes as you climb upward is definitely worth your efforts. Similarly, staying in mountain tea houses and exploring the mountain cuisine is another added bonus in this trek. The Sherpas that guide you through the trek are amiable too!!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Perfect Escape From Your Hectic Schedule-Travelling Around Nepal

Pokhara is the perfect escape. You can spend a few days in this small town surrounded by a number of lakes, which is a great opportunity for a good reunion with friends or meeting friendly strangers.

Then there is the city called Bandipur, a charming Newar town where you can spend several days walking through the cobblestone streets and hiking to the surrounding mountains. You can descend further south towards the Indian border where you may find the climate hotter and habitat and landscapes similar to India. 

You can spend a few days in Sauraha near the National Park of Chitwan. In this park, elephants wander through the streets at all hours and a breeding center for elephants also allows you to spend time with baby elephants. Their morning routine in the river is a good opportunity to play with them when they shower water on you from their trunks. Kids love this activity at Chitwan.

A walk in the jungle also gives you a chance to see rhinos in the wild.If you are dreading the noise and pollution in cities of Nepal, you can book a holiday for camping at the hillsides.  You can spend your days between school, cultural tours, shopping and preparing for the next trek in Langtang. The Kathmandu city certainly has a factor that attracts hippies but the magic of the impressive monuments in the valley is more alluring. Beautiful Buddhist temples with magnificent Stupas are located everywhere; where eyes that represent wisdom and compassion are painted.

Tourism in Nepal is not only visiting places but also getting acquainted with the local customs and traditions. You can choose to hike to remote areas where cultures are richer.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Small Town Of Besi Sahar - Part Of Annapurna Circuit

Before you embark on a journey to Annapurna or Everest Base camp, you have to reach the small town of Besi Sahar first. After a trip on a public bus for 7-8 hours and costs 600 rupees from Kathmandu brings you to this town which is the starting point for the long trek that goes around Annapurna.

The city, 800 meters above sea level, is where you can stop for the night after a tiring journey. You might also need to buy required permits or equipment. You can continue with your travelling in the early hours the next day.

When you reach Ghermu from Besi Sahar, you can continue until Tal, 1700 meters, which is a beautiful village on the banks of a river. Being a Tibetan village; it is a thrill to cross the threshold of this new region, where the altitude starts to change its face to the landscape, where the mountains you approach seem closer than ever.

The standard of “lodges” or hotels along the way is made for tourists. While some might be poorly kept, you can also find some good hotels in the area. Booking a trip with one of the best trekking outfitters in Nepal can make your stay convenient; hotels are booked in advance and there will be guides to show you the way.

The rocky roads that lead you to the mountains are strewn along among forests and remote villages on Nepal. The houses are made up of mud and are a pleasant sight among the lush forests and rivers of Nepal. The culture of these remote places is equally mystifying. However, you might run into some villages where there is no electricity. Make sure you pack extra batteries for your camera or flash light in advance. Going with a group is highly recommended, if you are concerned about your security.