Saturday, October 31, 2015

Reasons For Visiting Nepal

For any traveller visiting a new place is exciting and fun and for someone visiting Nepal for the first time there might be lots of things that they might want to explore. It might get confusing at time because of the never-ending beauty that surrounds Nepal. Within such small country, everything from land topography to culture, people and flora fauna differs variedly. With so much of interesting things found in Nepal it might get confusing for first time travellers.

The tour usually starts with plane landing in capital Kathmandu which has other two towns Bhaktapur and Patan. All these three places give medieval and retro vibes and are always swarming with local as well as international tourist. Filled with hundreds of masterpiece temples and stupas, some dating back even second and fifth centuries and seven heritages are listed with UNSECO world heritage site.

Due to the topographical contrast elevation ranges from 70 meters above sea level in Jhapa to world's highest mountain, Everest 8848m above sea level. Such unique climatic variation can only be found in Nepal and it is also the reason for developing economy within country. Such varied climatic changes make Nepal home to differentiating eco-system. Thick alpine and dense forest acts as a great wildlife ranges which protect various flora and fauna. With more than 848 species of birds found, it is also known as bird watcher’s paradise. Numerous species of flora and fauna makes researcher and explorers attracted towards the wildlife found in Nepal.

With deepest gorge, clam and composed lake, harsh and distant mountains, varying culture and traditions, Nepal has lot to offer to every type of traveller. Travelling doesn't necessarily need to be extreme or planned to every detail but people travelling to Nepal are pre-planned because of the fact that most of travellers are here for mountaineering and trekking. With eight of the tallest peak of world, mountaineering, hiking, extreme sports and trekking are the most popular things of everyone’s to do list. Researching every detail has become easiest task through internet and everyone who have visited Nepal have their own story to share so travel to Nepal and discover new world within this small country.

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