Sunday, October 4, 2015

Nepal And Its Mountains

With more than 1500 peaks which are above the height of 5000 meters in altitude Nepal is blessed with finest beauty in the world. With so many peaks available, peak climb in Nepal is for everyone who wishes to climb mountains but are in short time. Nepal is well-known to the world as country of natural beauty and generous hospitality.

As many climbers and mountaineers dreams of conquering mountains around the world, Nepal is a dream country for these people. Nepal is the only country in the world where eight mountains out of fourteen above the height of 6000 meters lies. Expeditions, mountaineering, adventure sports; trekking, high altitude filming every type of adventure is possible in Nepal. Any kind of adventurous journey requires high mental and physical strength and in case of mountain and peak climbing having previous experience makes process easier.

Peak climbing is mostly done by climbers and varied land structure of Nepal makes it a perfect place. Thousands of tourists visit Nepal in search of perfect holiday and most of them leave satisfied. Filled with such beautiful mountains and peaks, every year hundreds of expeditions are organized by touring companies. Even people who do not have any experience on climbing or trekking are provided with instructions and guided by tour guides during such journeys.

Filled with astounding beauty Nepal makes the perfect holiday destination. It is a place for everyone as every type of activities for every type of person is found here. The large number of Himalayan Peaks on the vicinity of highest mountain of the world has always been a great attraction to the mountain climbers. People all around the world visit Nepal to complete the challenge of conquering different mountains but peak climbing are equally famous as well. Mustang, Manang, Namche and other many regions have some of the best peaks which provide exceptional view of the Nepal’s remotest region.

Travelling is a passion and dedication for many people and holiday for some but whatever the reason might be Nepal is an excellent destination for every type of people. Travelling through Nepal would be one of the best adventures of traveller’s life.

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