Thursday, December 3, 2015


After Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa successfully scaled the Greatest Mountain in the world it became the ultimate challenge for thousands of trekkers to conquer the Everest itself but for people who are not mountaineers and cannot imagine climbing the tallest figure on earth, Everest base camp trek would be the fantastic and equally satisfying climbing experience.

Everest Base Camp Trek allows people to take in the absolutely breathtaking view of mountain panoramas. Trekkers and climber or people who simply love walking, this journey could be one of the most inspiring and fulfilling trip. The region itself is so beautiful that it inspires people for new things. Hundreds of excellent companies allow people to have expedition to base camp region and most of them have same protocol of hotels and camping. Any company is good as long as they have good track record of their work.

Everest region is home to the native of Himalayas “The Sherpa” who are brave and courageous. Living in already such high altitude they are some of the greatest guides of Everest region and have interesting history, culture and traditions. After learning more about Sherpa, travellers can widen their trip into exploring the shrines, bazars and hundreds of years old temples and monasteries along with local cuisine. The journey to Everest region is physically and mentally exhausting as the trek begins after the landing of plane in Lukla region leading to Namche bazar. The trip to Namche is an upward ascent and requires lot of physical strength.

Namche would be the main market and the place to stay before starting the further trek. Everest region in right season is a house to blossoming rhododendron which is extremely beautiful and captivating. The trip further from Namche bazar is to the base camp and the view from Kala Pathhar is the best one which allows the view of wide range of some of the tallest mountains of the world including the Everest itself in full glory. The Everest base camp trek is a difficult one but it is refreshing, enthralling and fulfilling one.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Consisting of many mountains together Annapurna base camp trek is a journey which allows trekkers and mountaineers to have exceptional view of many mountains together. Annapurna I, Hiunchuli, Annapurna II, Gangapurna, Annapurna III, Machhapuchhre, Annapurna IV etc. are some of the mountains in Annapurna region. Mountains in Annapurna region are not the tallest because they rise in the heart of Himalayas.

Annapurna region is extremely beautiful and packed with natural beauty. It starts with travelling to Pokhara by bus or plane as it is the gateway for camp. Pokhara itself is beautiful lace filled with lakes and temples. The trip starts with trekking to Nayapul then to Tikhedhunga, Ghorepani, Tadapani, Chhomrung, Deurali and finally to the base camp. The trek differs according to travelling companies but most of them prefer clock-wise treks like mentioned above. Trekking through all these places lets us explore many check points for seeing the mountain range. Among the Poon Hill being the most popular allowing the view of ten combinations of mountains.

Traditional Gurung community and cultural villages is another most attractive feature of Annapurna circuit trek. Every traveller enjoys the culture ethnicity followed by this community along with traditional “Thakali” food.  With the trial of terraced lands, dense beautiful forest of rhododendron and the Gurung community the track might seem easier but it is considered to be one of the most difficult tracks. As the slippery tracks and upward highlands makes the trip both mentally and physically exhausting. The Annapurna base camp trek is fruitful in certain seasons as seeing the mountain cluster is the main reason for such intimidating journey.

The actual trip to base camp has continuously changing tracks while some might have lowlands and some highlands. The track throughout the year is wet and slippery but it gets more dangerous during rainy season during which trip should be avoided. Annapurna range is filled with mountains while some go further by trying to ascend the mountain itself the base camp is a fulfilling itself. Annapurna base camp trek is for the travellers, trekkers and explorers who love new challenges and experiences.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Reasons For Visiting Nepal

For any traveller visiting a new place is exciting and fun and for someone visiting Nepal for the first time there might be lots of things that they might want to explore. It might get confusing at time because of the never-ending beauty that surrounds Nepal. Within such small country, everything from land topography to culture, people and flora fauna differs variedly. With so much of interesting things found in Nepal it might get confusing for first time travellers.

The tour usually starts with plane landing in capital Kathmandu which has other two towns Bhaktapur and Patan. All these three places give medieval and retro vibes and are always swarming with local as well as international tourist. Filled with hundreds of masterpiece temples and stupas, some dating back even second and fifth centuries and seven heritages are listed with UNSECO world heritage site.

Due to the topographical contrast elevation ranges from 70 meters above sea level in Jhapa to world's highest mountain, Everest 8848m above sea level. Such unique climatic variation can only be found in Nepal and it is also the reason for developing economy within country. Such varied climatic changes make Nepal home to differentiating eco-system. Thick alpine and dense forest acts as a great wildlife ranges which protect various flora and fauna. With more than 848 species of birds found, it is also known as bird watcher’s paradise. Numerous species of flora and fauna makes researcher and explorers attracted towards the wildlife found in Nepal.

With deepest gorge, clam and composed lake, harsh and distant mountains, varying culture and traditions, Nepal has lot to offer to every type of traveller. Travelling doesn't necessarily need to be extreme or planned to every detail but people travelling to Nepal are pre-planned because of the fact that most of travellers are here for mountaineering and trekking. With eight of the tallest peak of world, mountaineering, hiking, extreme sports and trekking are the most popular things of everyone’s to do list. Researching every detail has become easiest task through internet and everyone who have visited Nepal have their own story to share so travel to Nepal and discover new world within this small country.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Adventure Expedition In Nepal

After Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa conquered Everest successfully, Nepal has been a country famous for organizing adventurous expeditions every year. Among fourteen tallest peak of the world, Nepal has eight of them making it a heaven for explorers and mountaineers.

Adventures in Nepal has never been new thing; filled with amass beauty thousands of people are attracted to visit and explore Nepal. Expedition in Nepal has always been a demanding activity preferred by tourists and trekking companies provides best services available to people. As time went by more people have known and understood the beauty that surrounds Nepal from every kind of adventurous activities to simple temples. While trekking is immensely popular among people visiting Nepal lots of other things are equally entertaining as well.

Adventure expedition in Nepal has always been a top priority for government of Nepal as well as travelling companies. With mountaineering, trekking and hiking expedition everything has to be well looked-after before beginning the journey. While some people are already known to such expeditions journey becomes easier and simpler to them but for people who are first-time traveller lots of facilities are there to improve their expedition experience. Expeditions to some of the tallest mountains of the world can be life-threatening and going without being prepared means falling into the death trap.

Regular travellers are already known about the procedures and have expertise on what they are doing making their journey much easier and simpler whereas for first-timer proper ideas and ropes must be shown before engaging in expeditions. For most of the people expeditions might include mountaineering as major part and it is so but expeditions might include lots of other activities. Expeditions are done in groups and as it brings people close to each other, the journey itself becomes adventurous and thrill-filled.

Any kind of travelling experience should be able to fulfill the objective that people are searching for whether it is adventure of tranquillity. Understanding the purpose makes travelling process simpler and Nepal is the place where people can get what they want with their travelling trip.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Peak Climbing In Nepal

Peak climb in Nepal has been the focus for thousands of tourists who visit Nepal. Among various experience that Nepal offers, peak of Nepal are definitely an outstanding achievements in the world of peak climbing expeditions. The eight highest peak of the world with height above 8000 meters, thousands of people’s physical and mental capacity has been challenged by these peaks.

Total of 1310 peaks above 6000 meter has been identified in Nepal till now and only one quarter of them are officially opened for mountaineering and trekking activities. Peaks which are not listed with Nepal mountaineering association which is an official mountaineering association in Nepal cannot be climbed or trekked. But many peaks which are below 6500m are approved by the association for climbers and there are almost 20 peaks that lie below this height.

Nepal doesn't only offer these peak climbing but various other sports and recreational activities which has made it famous as a place as tourist destination. Travelling through any place has particular purpose for everyone and Nepal is the place for every type of traveller from the first timer to extreme travellers. The beauty, culture and hospitality that surround Nepal will never disappoint any tourist. Peak climbing is a hobby and passion for many people and with number of peaks opened for climbers, Nepal could be ultimate destination for many of them.

Among many peak climbing, Annapurna circuit is one of the most popular one for thousands of tourists which is the main reason for hundreds of expeditions that are arranged in this region annually. Mera peak(6476m), Lobuche(6119m), Manaslu(8176), Yala peak(5520m), Makalu(8484m), Lhotse(8516m) are some the most popular peaks preferred by tourist. A person without strong mental strength can never conquer these high peaks and physical strength is a must. No peak climb should be taken playfully and help from a trusty touring company is most as these places are filled with remoteness and wilderness.

Whatever be the travelling reason for people, Nepal could help in fulfilling every kind of travelling experience that people search for. Peak climbing is only a part of one the experiences that people can have while visiting Nepal.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Nepal And Its Mountains

With more than 1500 peaks which are above the height of 5000 meters in altitude Nepal is blessed with finest beauty in the world. With so many peaks available, peak climb in Nepal is for everyone who wishes to climb mountains but are in short time. Nepal is well-known to the world as country of natural beauty and generous hospitality.

As many climbers and mountaineers dreams of conquering mountains around the world, Nepal is a dream country for these people. Nepal is the only country in the world where eight mountains out of fourteen above the height of 6000 meters lies. Expeditions, mountaineering, adventure sports; trekking, high altitude filming every type of adventure is possible in Nepal. Any kind of adventurous journey requires high mental and physical strength and in case of mountain and peak climbing having previous experience makes process easier.

Peak climbing is mostly done by climbers and varied land structure of Nepal makes it a perfect place. Thousands of tourists visit Nepal in search of perfect holiday and most of them leave satisfied. Filled with such beautiful mountains and peaks, every year hundreds of expeditions are organized by touring companies. Even people who do not have any experience on climbing or trekking are provided with instructions and guided by tour guides during such journeys.

Filled with astounding beauty Nepal makes the perfect holiday destination. It is a place for everyone as every type of activities for every type of person is found here. The large number of Himalayan Peaks on the vicinity of highest mountain of the world has always been a great attraction to the mountain climbers. People all around the world visit Nepal to complete the challenge of conquering different mountains but peak climbing are equally famous as well. Mustang, Manang, Namche and other many regions have some of the best peaks which provide exceptional view of the Nepal’s remotest region.

Travelling is a passion and dedication for many people and holiday for some but whatever the reason might be Nepal is an excellent destination for every type of people. Travelling through Nepal would be one of the best adventures of traveller’s life.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Experiencing Nepal Through Travelling

Countries which are surrounded by natural beauty and enriched culture are some of the most visited countries by people all around the world. While some people like visiting place with sea or oceans some simply like places with mountains, terrains and frizzy rivers. It all depends upon individual perspective and how people want to spend their “me time”.

Nepal is a country which is filled with wild vegetation, beautiful terrains, spacious snow-clad mountains, historical temples and speeding rivers. People from different corners of the world visit Nepal looking for things which satisfy their thirst for travelling and exploring. Tourists, explorers and mountaineers visit to learn, explore and conquer mountains respectively. Many students and families come in bundle or groups hoping to get new experience and learn different things.

Travelling through a foreign country could sometimes be a hassle and difficult experience to non-travellers or even travellers as well. People have no knowledge about language and tradition and they might even have culture shock. Tourists mostly tour around places exploring new things and it is essential to have good tour companies or guides looking after them. Not only will things make things easier but comfortable as well.

Many companies work to provide best experience of travelling and exploring through Nepal. Hundreds of tour operators in Nepal engage themselves to provide travellers with best experience of travelling. Tour operators provide people with all the necessary information on their destinations, makes them comfortable to native environment and make all the adjustment. It is crucial step to select good touring companies, operators and agents while travelling through any country including Nepal because it determines whether the touring experience will be easier or not. The decision to travel through any country should be taken carefully and collecting information on one’s particular destination will make travelling experience more fruitful and fun.

Travellers from all genres of life have visited Nepal, some looking for solace while some looking to experience new culture and tradition. Choosing proper company and operators based on the reasons of travelling makes people journey much simpler. Travelling is learning experience which should be embraced wholly.