Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Outfitter in Nepal SERVICES


As Local Outfitter in Nepal, our goal is to ensure that we come in front of our clients with options to choose from and detailed description of every trek, climb, expedition or adventure sport we have on offer. Being an adventure loving Tour Operator in Nepal, our services range from Hiking around Kathmandu Valley to Expeditions right to the top of the world.

The video has been made to give a glimpse of what we have on offer. Trekking in Nepal, Peak Climbing, Expeditions and Adventure Sports like Bungee Jump or Rafting, we have got them all. We even organize Mountain Flights and Heli Excursions for those who lack time and yet have the zeal to see the Himalayas up close and personal.

Making up ones mind on what to indulge in could be the hardest part for ones Nepal Trip with us.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Logistics and Local Outfitters in Nepal

It has always been said, for a great trip "Pack Light but Pack right" and it does stand true for travelers. What happens if we, being the Local Outfitter in Nepal, start packing light as well? Not a great idea huh! As Outfitters, for us having the right stuff at the right height is the key to great expedition or trekking in Nepal experience.

Make sure to check the Trip Requirements section of our website to ensure that you do your packing right. Leave the logistics to us and sit back to watch and enjoy the way we move things around at different height to ensure you have a great experience of expedition or trekking in Nepal. 

We have been doing it day in and day out. With right people and right warehouses at the right altitude, we have remained efficient, effective and economic throughout these years. When it comes down to logistics for expeditions, nothing is more challenging. With literally tonnes of expedition gears required at altitudes above 6,000 meters this is when the Outfitting and Logistic Skills are put to real test. Gears determine the swiftness of your movement at high altitude and hence affect the outcome of expeditions. 

As Local Outfitter in Nepal, we have all the arrangements and gears of supreme quality for you to use at low altitudes and high altitudes as well. We also have partnerships with some of the pioneers of the industry when it comes to mountaineering gears. Being your outfitters, our sole aim is to make your expedition or trekking in Nepal a memorable one. This will ensure recommendations from you and this is how our work moves ahead. 

So, the bottom-line for us, Local Outfitters in Nepal, is simple. Ensure flawless logistics for efficient expedition or climb or trek in Nepal and ensure that every client flying back to Kathmandu has a nice smile on his / her face planning for the next trip and bring along more of their friends and family. 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Dashain Festival in Nepal


The whole country of Nepal celebrating the Dashain Festival, by far the most significant and important festival in Nepal and all Hindu Countries. Dashain is the longest festival in Nepal lasting for 15 days in total and the most anticipated one as well. Dashain commemorates the victory of Good over Evil.

This great festival falls in September or October starting from the Bright Lunar Fortnight of the month of Ashwin and ending on the Full Moon Day and hence lasing for 15 days of celebration and happiness among the Nepalese people. Among the fifteen days of celebration, the most significant days are the First Day (Ghatasthapana), Seventh Day (Phulpati), Eighth Day (Maha Aastami), Nineth Day (Maha Nawami) and the Tenth Day (Dashami / Tika).

Throughout the festival Goddess Durga is worshiped and all nine forms of Goddess Durga have very important roles during the festival. Throughout Nepal innumerable pujas (worships) are conducted with abundant offerings and thousands of animal sacrifices for the ritual to drench the Goddess for days in blood. 

Nepalese from all over the globe travel to Nepal to be with their family during the festival. This has added to the significance of this great festival as the departed come together for the festival and the airports along with local buses are flooded with  commuters who seek to be home with their family for the festival. The most significant day of Tika is the day when younger members of the family visit older members and take blessings and TIKA on their forehead from the elders. 

This great festival has been celebrated in Nepal from ages and as Outfitters in Nepal we hope the traditions and cultures continue to prosper among the youth and younger generations as without these cultures we will loose our identity and fade away.

Adventure Trekking Nepal family would love to  wish all Nepalese throughout the world a very Happy and Prosperous Dashain.