Sunday, August 9, 2015

Journey Through Nepal

Whether it is big or small, travelling is a journey which leaves us with wanting more and more. Some people completely dedicate their lives to travel, to explore and learn new experiences; some people make living through travelling while some people dread such experience. Travelling is never the same for people and each individual has their own version of their experience to particular place.

Travelling should be taken as an opportunity to learn and explore as much as possible because these memories are the only things that remains with people. The trend of travelling has increased tremendously over the past decade. People have taken travelling and exploring as their way of reducing their stress and a way of getting out from hectic schedule. Most of people travel through countries which are filled with nature beauty and exciting adventure and often developing are in this category.

Nepal is one of these developing countries which attracts tourist in thousands every year. People are taken by its enticing beauty and welcoming hospitality. Only beauty is not enough to attract people but the actual manners and hospitality is what makes a country more welcoming. From simple trekking to dangerous bungee-jumping, almost every activity is available in Nepal. The purpose of visiting Nepal differs according to people. While some are simply looking to spend quite time in secluded environment away from busy lives, some look for activities which takes them out from their comfort zone.

Trekking, mountaineering, paragliding, rafting, bungees are some of the dangerous activities which can sometimes be life threatening so, people who visit any place including Nepal should have proper information and connections with  travelling companies. Many travel companies in Nepal provide people with safest options. These companies continuously work to make people travelling experience in Nepal safe and secure. Some of the companies being decades old are best in business but new companies does efficient work as well.

Travelling is an opportunity which should always be given shot at as it only remains until people are young and active. We must take as much advantage as possible and try to make most of it.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Nepal And Its Developing Tourism

Travelling could be defined as the process of going through certain place to explore person’s particular curiosity or to learn new culture or tradition. Even though travelling is defined differently by every single person, it is a universal fact that travelling opens people minds to new things and educates us.

For instance, a student who limits their education only to their books will never know other things rather than the books but the one who explores and travels will always have more knowledge than the book readers. Travelling broadens our minds by teaching us new things and making us go through new experiences. Every nook and corner of this world can be travelled but it is essential that people learn beforehand what kind of things they will be seeing in their destination.

Travelling through developing countries is always a major decision for the people living in developed regions as many of the facilities that they receive in their countries might not be available but then again, most of the people do travel to break their monotonous routine of their life. Nepal is one of the developing countries which is filled with serene and exotic beauties from glorious mountains to sparkly white rivers.

Thousands of tourists pour into Nepal to experience different activities. Some are in search of thrill while some simply to enjoy the serene environment away from the busy city. Nepal has drastically improved in the field of tourism over the past few years. Some of the companies and organizations could be considered as the best outfitters in Nepal because of their excellent facilities and equipment. One has to be careful while selecting companies so, that they get most benefits from their money.

Planning a trip is very easy and it becomes more fun if the traveller has a little more details and knowledge about their destination but if they are in relation with good company they don’t have to worry about these things as they provide all the information and ideas. Having a little courage and query could open up people’s mind to various new and beautiful things through travelling.