Thursday, December 3, 2015


After Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa successfully scaled the Greatest Mountain in the world it became the ultimate challenge for thousands of trekkers to conquer the Everest itself but for people who are not mountaineers and cannot imagine climbing the tallest figure on earth, Everest base camp trek would be the fantastic and equally satisfying climbing experience.

Everest Base Camp Trek allows people to take in the absolutely breathtaking view of mountain panoramas. Trekkers and climber or people who simply love walking, this journey could be one of the most inspiring and fulfilling trip. The region itself is so beautiful that it inspires people for new things. Hundreds of excellent companies allow people to have expedition to base camp region and most of them have same protocol of hotels and camping. Any company is good as long as they have good track record of their work.

Everest region is home to the native of Himalayas “The Sherpa” who are brave and courageous. Living in already such high altitude they are some of the greatest guides of Everest region and have interesting history, culture and traditions. After learning more about Sherpa, travellers can widen their trip into exploring the shrines, bazars and hundreds of years old temples and monasteries along with local cuisine. The journey to Everest region is physically and mentally exhausting as the trek begins after the landing of plane in Lukla region leading to Namche bazar. The trip to Namche is an upward ascent and requires lot of physical strength.

Namche would be the main market and the place to stay before starting the further trek. Everest region in right season is a house to blossoming rhododendron which is extremely beautiful and captivating. The trip further from Namche bazar is to the base camp and the view from Kala Pathhar is the best one which allows the view of wide range of some of the tallest mountains of the world including the Everest itself in full glory. The Everest base camp trek is a difficult one but it is refreshing, enthralling and fulfilling one.

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