Sunday, October 11, 2015

Peak Climbing In Nepal

Peak climb in Nepal has been the focus for thousands of tourists who visit Nepal. Among various experience that Nepal offers, peak of Nepal are definitely an outstanding achievements in the world of peak climbing expeditions. The eight highest peak of the world with height above 8000 meters, thousands of people’s physical and mental capacity has been challenged by these peaks.

Total of 1310 peaks above 6000 meter has been identified in Nepal till now and only one quarter of them are officially opened for mountaineering and trekking activities. Peaks which are not listed with Nepal mountaineering association which is an official mountaineering association in Nepal cannot be climbed or trekked. But many peaks which are below 6500m are approved by the association for climbers and there are almost 20 peaks that lie below this height.

Nepal doesn't only offer these peak climbing but various other sports and recreational activities which has made it famous as a place as tourist destination. Travelling through any place has particular purpose for everyone and Nepal is the place for every type of traveller from the first timer to extreme travellers. The beauty, culture and hospitality that surround Nepal will never disappoint any tourist. Peak climbing is a hobby and passion for many people and with number of peaks opened for climbers, Nepal could be ultimate destination for many of them.

Among many peak climbing, Annapurna circuit is one of the most popular one for thousands of tourists which is the main reason for hundreds of expeditions that are arranged in this region annually. Mera peak(6476m), Lobuche(6119m), Manaslu(8176), Yala peak(5520m), Makalu(8484m), Lhotse(8516m) are some the most popular peaks preferred by tourist. A person without strong mental strength can never conquer these high peaks and physical strength is a must. No peak climb should be taken playfully and help from a trusty touring company is most as these places are filled with remoteness and wilderness.

Whatever be the travelling reason for people, Nepal could help in fulfilling every kind of travelling experience that people search for. Peak climbing is only a part of one the experiences that people can have while visiting Nepal.

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